ML Introductions

Marjorie Libourel
Marjorie Libourel

ML Introductions is a  European matchmaking service for professional men. Also offering Jewish matchmaking services.



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Our thoughts: As premier matchmakers in the states, we are always a little concerned about newcomers. ML Introductions has been in Australia for less than a year. They mention on their website about being established in Brussels. But records indicate their Brussels website was only registered in 2022. Our tech team as advised us that their website is also a WIX based site. These are free or starter websites, not used by established companies. This company appears to be a startup. We do wish them success but when it comes to finding love, trusting a more established company may be a better choice.

ML Introductions are European matchmakers for high-end successful professional men, founded by Marjorie Libourel.

“ML Introductions was born out of a great international love story. Originally from France, trained from a prestigious university, Marjorie arrived in the European Capital Brussels to work in Diplomacy and Public Affairs. Her passion for relationships, sexuality and love in the modern era has always be too strong. With a background in sociology and politics,

Marjorie rapidly unleashed her skills and passion and became one of Europe’s top executive matchmakers. With years of experience, Marjorie works and advises a wide range of prominent individuals, from top CEOs to artists and politicians, providing them with relationship guidance and headhunting skills, all while ensuring absolute discretion and meeting their expectations. We see the world in big and what we do is our passion.