Family run by Maria and her 2 daughters. Small boutique matchmaker handing both men and women.


Men and Women

Years in Business

Over 15


Date Coaching
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Awards / Certificates

Certified Matchmaker (Matchmaking Institute)

Our thoughts: As premier matchmakers in the states, we have a good understanding of the matchmaking industry. Mirabela has been in business for over 15 years and has a 5.0 review rating on Google which shows that their clients do like them. They recently launched a new website although the site uses Squarespace.

Maria Mirabela and her two daughters make up the matchmaking team.

Their mission is simple. To build genuine connections for exceptionally high-achieving individuals. Whether you are new to dating, recently out of a long-term relationship, or have been dating but haven’t been able to meet the right types of people… we are the sought after leaders in professional matchmaking and date coaching you need. We are dedicated to introducing you to a person that you have a real chance of connecting with. 

Combined with the alignment of core values, beliefs, relationship requirements, general life and who you are as a person, your matchmaker is armed with the tools they need to get you meeting the right types of people. Don’t settle for mindless sifting through an app or spending time with a person whose goals don’t align with yours and enter into the new age where your using your time wisely in order to meet your real potential life partner. We work to set you up for your relationship success.