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Robyn Nind
Robyn Nind

Dating Agency and Matchmaker for singles ages 30 - 60+. Offices locations in Sydney, Melbourne and Canberra.


Men and Women

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Over 15



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Member, Professional Matchmakers Association

Our thoughts: As premier matchmakers in the states, we know this business. When we see a 3.3 Google review rating that is a red flag, especially with an older established company. The fact that there are 3 offices and no real team displayed on their website, also cause for concern.

"Robyn Nind has achieved great success in matchmaking because of her uncanny knack of discerning the right personality, background and values that make a relationship stick."

“Robyn brings an infectious level of energy and enthusiasm to professional matchmaking and the Blue Label Life team. One phone call to her and you will immediately see why. From first impressions to rekindling chemistry, Robyn uses her vast matchmaking/dating service experience and counselling background to propel her clients into relationships as happy, healthy, successful and rewarding as their professional careers or businesses. Her genuine interest in people is evident in the first meeting. Everyone is instantly at ease with her wonderful personality and ability to connect. Robyn is known by her clients as their “ultimate secret weapon”.

“if you want to step into a powerful position of taking control of every aspect of your life; especially your love life then Robyn is your perfect matchmaker. She is passionate about connection, bringing the right men and women together, and creating life-changing transformations. If you crave personal and professional success, as well as having a relationship too, then Robyn can help you make it happen, so you can have it all. Redefine your version of success. Robyn is widely regarded as an expert in her field and has a track record of matching her clients successfully.”