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Rose Zhou
Rose Zhou

Specializing in matchmaking services for singles over the age of 50.


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Our thoughts: As premier matchmakers in the states, we are able to give a fair and honest opinion of other matchmakers. First off a 3.8 Google review rating is not good. This is a red flag for an established company. Additionally, a personalized service like matchmaking should always have a face. We were able to find an image of the owner from an old LinkedIn image archive. Based on the owner hiding from the public eye and the bad reviews, we think another matchmaker may be a better choice.

Your Perfect Partner is a personalized dating service. Starting as a sponsor of singles dinner events in 1980, then becoming a dating agency in 2002 under new management.

We cater for Sydney local singles who genuinely look for a long term relationship. Our members are local residents of Sydney. Our database contains open minded Anglo Australians, local singles of Asian or European descents, migrants of all cultural backgrounds. We cater to singles who look to start a long term relationship or family.

Divorced or separated people who want to explore opportunities of a new life style. Busy professionals who would like to shorten their search of finding a suitable partner. Singles over 50s who are very active, attachment free and ready to share life again. Singles who prefer a more reliable way of meeting than dating apps. Singles seeking assistance for their online dating performance.