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Recel Tayor
Recel Tayor

Offline personal introduction service for singles looking for a close, long-lasting relationship with the right person.


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Our thoughts: As premier matchmakers in the states, we can express a fair assessment of another matchmaker. We do like Vital Partners for singles. While not a matchmaker for the elite or wealthy, they appear to offer a great approach. They could definitely use a facelift on their website (some pages don’t even have a menu). For elite, wealthy men, our choice would still be Mirabela.

We’ve found over the last 37 years that our methods have an 80%+ success rate, so you’re in great hands

As you know, the older you get the harder dating becomes. And with so many online dating options these days, that personal connection we all crave tends to get lost in the process, especially if you’ve been out of the dating game for a while. You see, we’ve been introducing couples the old-fashioned way since 1986, and our methods work better now than ever before. That’s because discerning Sydney and Canberra clients are starting to demand a more personal introduction service. One where you’re not just a number on the computer. One where your personal desires are fully understood by a real person who then skillfully matches you with your ideal partner… in a way that computers simply can’t.

At Vital Partners, we don’t just throw you into a room full of potential partners. We hand-pick your ideal partner from hundreds of pre-screened men and women who are also looking for stable and long-term loving relationships. We work with many high-profile clients, professional executives and simply genuine singles who are just ready to share their life with someone special. But, the first step in helping you find your compatible partner is to have a quick chat to discuss your dreams and desires and to build a profile of your ideal partner. There’s absolutely no obligation, and in the rare case that we don’t have someone compatible to introduce you to, we’ll let you know immediately.