For men the dating process can be time consuming and frustrating. Dating apps (or as some call it online dating) have a very low success rate. Busy professional men have an alternative with a much higher success rate. That is a professional matchmaker. There is an elite Sydney matchmaker for men.

Mirabela Executive Dating is a family run business with an almost 90% success record. They cater to the unique needs of elite professional men. The matchmaking team consists of Maria Mirabela and her two daughters, Dimi and Athena.

Most matchmakers simply try to match you with their database of women. Not much different than a dating app. Mirabela Matchmakers take the time to know their male clients.

Professional men value their privacy and security. As certified matchmakers they uphold the highest standards and integrity. The entire process is 100% confidential.

Mirabela is also the winner of the Best Matchmaker in Australia award from the highly respected dating advice blog, My One Amor.

On a dating app your pictures are in the public domain. Professional men want the process of meeting new people to be discreet.

Additionally, when meeting a possible match through Mirabela, you’ll know the person has been fully vetted. No surprises as to if they are really single, have a criminal background, etc.

Mirabela women members that men will meet have similar lifestyles, values, interests, education, etc. It is quality over quantity when it comes to matches.

And if you are new to the dating world, they’ll work with you to provide advice and consultation for a first date. Lonely single men can find women successfully.

And for women, they know when they choose Mirabela, they will be introduced to only high-quality men.

At Australia Mingle we are here to be a source of helping singles in Sydney find love. For elite professional men, Mirabela is the obvious choice.

Elite Sydney Matchmaker For Men